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The voices of the community

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The voices of the community.

Tenovus Cancer Care has been bringing practical advice and support to the heart of the community for 75 years. Over these years, we have grown and changed, but some things remain the same and that is continuing to care for the community when and where they need us the most.

Stories are powerful. They paint pictures more than facts and figures ever could. Real stories can reassure people, inspire and cheer people up when they are at a down point. They can encourage people to join a social group like our Sing with Us choirs or to volunteer. Supporting people in the community is at the heart of what we do.

That is why for our 75th year, we will be sharing 75 stories of people who either support us or who have been supported by Tenovus Cancer Care, so that they can tell us their stories in their own words.

These stories will help increase awareness of the signs or symptoms of cancer. They will help us raise money to keep our services and research going. 

Helen Parker

Meet Helen:

Helen was diagnosed with cancer of the tongue in 2014 but her treatment, which included chemotherapy and radiotherapy, left her unable to sing as before. After joining our Chelsea Sing with Us choir, she’s re-discovered her voice, along with friendship and support.

“Not being able to sing after treatment was a real sadness for me as one of the things I always thought I’d do when I retired was join a choir. I was a primary school teacher and we did a lot of singing with the little ones.

My son who works at St Thomas’ in radiotherapy came home one day with a leaflet for Tenovus Cancer Care’s Sing with Us choir and said “here’s a choir just for you”.

It’s so lovely singing with the choir. Very few of us have great voices, but together we make a beautiful sound. I’ve met some really lovely people from all walks of life and we all enjoy each other’s company. It really is one of those things where we come together to make something bigger than all of us.”

To find out ways you can support us for our 75th Birthday, click here.