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Our new Unit

Our vision

Over the last ten years cancer rates in Wales have increased by 14% and our cancer centres are stretched to breaking point. It’s vital we expand our Mobile Support Unit services to meet this ever-growing demand.

Our new Unit will be designed to the highest specification and fitted with the latest healthcare equipment and technology. This will mean we’ll be able to offer treatments which have never before been given outside of hospital. We’ll be able to see patients with a wider range of cancers and support even more people.

Our new Mobile Support Unit will be over 60% bigger than our first one, making it the largest mobile chemotherapy unit in the world. We’ll have space for eight patients at a time to receive treatment and during its lifetime this Unit could deliver over 125,000 treatments.


More than treatment

Our new Mobile Support Unit will be more than just somewhere patients have their chemotherapy. Patients who come to us will benefit from a complete package of cancer treatment, support and care. All designed to help them get better, all in one place.

Diet, exercise and managing stress all play a part in how well people respond to treatment, recover and whether cancer recurs. The Unit will be a space for a holistic approach to cancer care and education.

Patients will be able to see a specialist advisor who can talk to them about how to eat well, and how exercise can help during treatment and recovery. 

Health Check

Equal access to clinical trials 

People who live in rural areas are less likely to take part in clinical trials that can drastically improve their outcomes. To take part in a trial, patients need to have more frequent appointments so they can be monitored regularly. This means even more journeys to hospital.

For many patients on low incomes, that’s just not an option. We’re hoping to be able to run clinical trials on board our Mobile Support Unit in future, so that more patients have the opportunity to take part and benefit from the very latest cancer treatments.

This coordinated approach to cancer treatment and care is unique. It’s a world-first and we’re doing it right here in Wales.