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Pauline's story

Pauline New

Paulin was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer in June 2011 and has since had chemotherapy, a mastectomy, lymph node removal, radiotherapy, Herceptin injections, and lymphoeema treatment on our Mobile Support Unit.

This is Pauline's story:

“I was self-employed and had to wind down my business in just three weeks. The chemo made me too ill to work, and after the surgery I was very depressed. I felt I was one of the unlucky ones as I had lymphoedema as an immediate effect of the surgery. My confidence and sense of well-being were at rock bottom, I even stopped going out.

Up until I walked on to Tenovus Cancer Care’s Mobile Support Unit for my first lymphoedema treatment, I had felt like a lump of meat, pushed and pulled through the NHS without regard for me as a person. I don’t blame the NHS, I know they do their very best but inevitably there is no time for the holistic approach. Each patient gets their few moments then it is straight on to the next. When being treated over an eighteen month period as I was, it feels very impersonal and that makes it difficult to stay hopeful.

I was at my lowest ebb, but the personal approach of Tenovus Cancer Care staff made me feel like I was being listened to. I discovered that there were people who had the time and interest to talk to you. They understand how lonely cancer can make you feel.

I learned of the Sing with Us choirs on the Mobile Support Unit and I’m so glad I joined! Singing in the choir brought fun, laughter, hope, new people, joy and a challenge to my life! I’m almost glad I had cancer, because it means I’m now part of something so good."


If you'd like to find out more about our Mobile Support Units, choirs, or any of our cancer support services, click here or call us on 0808 808 1010.