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Blog: Coming through treatment for breast cancer by Tina Robinson part 2

Tina Blog 2

In the second of three guest blog installments, Tina Robinson talks about what it was like to go through chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

"I had six sessions of chemo, one every three weeks. My hair started to fall out after the second dose. I remember walking from the hospital and the wind literally blowing my hair out. I felt sorry for anyone walking behind me! My chemo finished in February of this year, and I had three weeks to wait until my radiotherapy.

"9th March and I was off to Velindre; again, the fear of the unknown made me think I should just forget about going. We arrived and they explained what would happen. They lay me on a machine, which I had been measured for as they need to hit the exact spot each time – there’s no room for error. I had to lay perfectly still for what felt like a lifetime but was in fact less than five minutes. I had a blast of radiotherapy every day for 15 days. I had a lovely square patch of suntan on the left side of my chest. The staff at Velindre were absolutely wonderful.

"After my last blast, I was called in for a review. Great I thought, that’s that over and done with! Then they gave me the tablets, one a day for at least five years or maybe the rest of my life but hey ho, what’s a tablet a day compared with what I’ve been through? The hot flushes are no fun! The tablets are hormone tablets as they explained that the cancer was oestrogen positive and these tablets would stop any cancer cells attaching themselves to the oestrogen in my body... clever stuff!

"A few weeks later, I was back at the Gwent to see my Oncologist. I asked, “What happens now?” and he said, “nothing, that’s it, as long as your mammograms are clear just keep taking the tablets.” We walked out of the hospital and that’s when the tears began. I hadn’t allowed myself to cry through it all but these were tears of relief."

Stay tuned for the third and final installment of Tina's blog.

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