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Blog: Coming through treatment for breast cancer by Tina Robinson part 3

Tina Blog 3

In the final installment of her guest blog, Tina Robinson talks about the support she had from us after she had treatment for breast cancer.

"The return of the hair!

"When I came back to work, I was wearing a wig. Not a lot of people spotted that as it was so good. About a month or so after I finished my chemo, I spotted the first few sprouts of hair. I was so excited!

"I had to carry on wearing the wig but it was so hot that I took the decision to leave it at home and walk into work without it. That was daunting. I rang my friend Donna and asked her to meet me outside and walk in with me. Well, the wonderful people at work didn’t bat an eyelid. I had plenty of compliments, which really boosted my self-confidence.

"I would like to thank the wonderful makers of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, to which I attribute the wonderful locks which now adorn my head. I can't help walking around rubbing my head as my hair feels so soft I can’t stop touching it. My team mates are calling it, “the therapy head” and often ask to touch it if they are feeling stressed!

"I didn't realise I could claim help when my pay was cut to half. I wouldn't have known this if Tenovus Cancer Care had not made me aware of it. Words cannot describe what it was like knowing that if I was worried about something I could just pick up the phone and ask a question – and have someone listen and respond to me without making me feel like a burden. I have recommended Tenovus Cancer Care to a lot of people since I had my diagnosis as I know how much they helped me."

If you've been affected by cancer and would like to know whether you're entitled to any financial help, please contact our Cancer Support Advisors.