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Congratulations to PhD student Steph Burnell on passing her Viva!

Steph Burnell

We're really pleased to say that one of our PhD students, Steph Burnell, has recently passed her Viva.

Steph has been investigating the role a particular gene (STEAP2) plays in the development of aggressive prostate cancer. Her work has shown the gene is contributing to the progression of the disease and could now be used as a measurable indicator of the severity of one of the most common cancers in men. This will allow targeted treatment by helping identify patients most in need, who are likely to progress to aggressive prostate cancer.

Now they can target the gene, Steph and the team are starting a joint studentship with Houston Methodist Research Institute in Texas to develop a new drug system to reduce its ability to spread. Fantastic!

Steph said: “Funding from Tenovus Cancer care has allowed me to complete a PhD in my chosen field, develop my scientific and transferable skills and enabled me to further my career. Doing a PhD has taught me how to be an independent scientist, how to troubleshoot and help others. I have learnt how to present my work, to both scientific and public audiences, accept criticism and have the determination to keep going, even when nothing seems to be working.”

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