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Kilimanjaro Reflections: Ramblings of a Crazy Lady


By Laura Jardine 

“When you spend over a year of your life preparing for the biggest challenge you’ve ever taken on, being excited, anxious and scared, it’s a strange feeling when it’s all over.

At the time you just keep on. Keep on breathing, moving, singing and giggling (in my case!), keep on being part of a team, keep on pushing through the exhaustion and keep on dealing with the pain. You notice the little things, but not how they add up to the huge challenge you’re taking on. 

There are always moments of doubt, of high emotion and sheer exhaustion (not to mention pesky altitude sickness), but it’s important to remember for who and why you’re doing it. Luckily there is always someone with you each step of the way if you need a cwtch, a friendly smile or a shoulder to cry on. 

This challenge was very much a team journey and I needed my team mates all the way through. I would not have had it any another way. However, it was me that got myself to the top, it was me that pushed every inch of my body when it wouldn’t move, it was me who found the energy where I thought I had none, and for that I am proud. 


People said it would change me, be the making of me and show me parts of myself that I didn’t know I had. 

Am I still emotional, clumsy, silly, a worrier and stubborn? Yes.

Am I suddenly Wonder Woman, an athlete, a sporty woman who can do anything without anyone and never have any stresses or doubts? No.

But do I realise now that I can do anything I set my mind to, that I am stronger than I ever knew and am I proud and happy of the woman I’ve become? Yes!

Kili was the challenge I needed and it came exactly when I needed it. I don’t need to change dramatically to know that I’m worthy and a tough cookie. The challenge was a huge reaffirmation of who I am and proved that I can do anything I put my mind to.”


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