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A gift in your Will

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Could you remember Tenovus Cancer Care in your Will?

Since 1943 people have been turning to Tenovus Cancer Care for support, treatment and care. We've been with them every step of the way. We're only able to do this because of people like you. But we want to be there for even more people, whenever and wherever we’re needed most.

Gifts in Wills

We're hugely grateful to anyone who supports us, however they choose to do so. Gifts left in Wills play a major part in our work. They currently account for a significant proportion of the money we receive. Without these generous donations, we couldn’t be there for the thousands of people affected by cancer who need us.

Remembering Tenovus Cancer Care in your Will helps us to plan for the future. It gives reassurance to those who need us, that we'll be there for them. Whatever the size of your gift, we'll be extremely grateful.

Writing a Will

Writing a Will makes sense for lots of reasons. It allows you to say what will happen to your estate after you're gone. It lets your family or friends know who will benefit but also lets them know which charities you might like to support.

There are three types of legacy you can choose to leave:

Residuary Legacy
This is a share or percentage of your entire estate to be left to someone or to a particular charity.

Pecuniary Legacy
This is a fixed amount of money you would like to leave to someone or to the charity of your choice.

Specific Legacy
This is a gift in the form of a specific item such as personal possessions, jewellery, land, buildings or shares.

In order to make sure there's no misunderstanding in your Will, it's important that you speak with your solicitor or legal advisor who'll help you with the wording.  

Writing a Will doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. It could give you valuable peace of mind to know your affairs are in safe hands. For more information about Wills, our dedicated Legacy Officer will be able to provide you with advice on a number of matters including:

  • How you can access a free ‘simple’ Will via The National Free Will Network
  • Discussing the things you need to consider before seeing your solicitor and the questions they are likely to ask you
  • Demonstrating the impact your gift will have on the lives of cancer patients and arranging a visit to a project near you


National Free Wills Network

Tenovus Cancer Care is a member of the The National Free Wills Free Wills Network LogoNetwork. This means we can offer our supporters a limited number of free Wills through participating solicitors.

While there’s no obligation to leave a gift to Tenovus Cancer Care, we really hope you'll be able to. The programme is intended for people aged 55 or over.

If you'd like to to know more or you'd like to leave a gift in your Will, please call our Legacies Officer on 029 2076 8859, in confidence or register your interest here.


Updating your Will

If you've already made a Will, you're free to make changes at any time. Changing a Will can be a straightforward process by using a Codicil, which is a simple legal document that amends an existing Will. 

Download our Codicil form here. 

Often it’s a change in circumstance such as the birth of a grandchild that can prompt you to make a change. This might be a good time to also consider choosing to support a charity. 

If you're updating your Will, we hope you might consider including Tenovus Cancer Care. If you'd like more information about making a change to your Will, leaving a gift to Tenovus Cancer Care or have any other questions, please get in touch. Our Legacy Officer can offer friendly and confidential advice. Call him on 029 2076 8859. Alternatively, please complete the form below.

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Give in memory

If you'd like to remember someone special by creating a fund in their memory, please visit our Remember Me site.