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Payroll Giving FAQs

Q) What is payroll giving?

A) Payroll giving is a scheme that allows employees to make regular, tax free donations to us straight from their salary. Donations are taken out before tax; so for example, a £10 monthly donation will only cost you £8.

Payroll giving donations are also beneficial to Tenovus Cancer Care, as we don't need to claim back tax through Gift Aid, which reduces our administration costs.

Q) How does payroll giving work?

A) It’s really simple. You just need to notify your Payroll Department that you would like to set up a regular donation to us in this way. If your company does not operate the scheme, then we can help you set one up – it’s simple!

Q) Are there any minimum or maximum donation amounts?

A) There is no maximum limit to the amount an employee can donate; however, the minimum payroll giving deduction is £5 per month.

Q) Is there an administration fee for Payroll Giving?

A) Yes. Payroll Giving schemes are administered through Payroll Giving Agencies (PGAs), who are authorised by HMRC to collect donations from employees’ salaries and pass them onto their chosen charities. The administration fee for all Payroll Giving Agencies is currently just 25p per donor, per month. Some employers will choose to pay this small administration fee so the charities receive the full amount of the donation.

Q) When will my first donation be deducted?

A) Usually your first payroll giving donation is made on your next pay day. If you are signing up towards the end of the month, your donation will be made the following pay day.

Q) How do I know that Tenovus Cancer Care is receiving my payroll giving donation?

A) If you have opted in to receiving communications from us, we’ll send you a welcome pack and a pair of socks to thank you for your payroll giving donation. Your donation will also appear on your payslip.

Q) Can I stop giving when I want?

A) Yes, you just need to notify your payroll department directly.

Q) What happens to my donation if I leave my job?

A) If you change employer, your payroll giving donation will automatically stop. But we hope that you will continue to support us at your next job! You just need to set the gift up again as your donation is not transferable.

Q) Can I still give through my pension?

A) Yes. If you receive an occupational pension and your pension provider deducts tax through the PAYE system, you are still eligible for the scheme. Simply ask your occupational pension provider to make a donation from your pension before tax has been deducted.

Q) How will my payroll giving donation make a difference?

£5 a month (£60 per year) means one of our experienced nurses is able to man our free and confidential Support Line in the evening, so anyone frightened or worried about cancer always has someone to talk to. £10 a month (£120 per year) pays for one day of vital cancer research by a PhD student in Wales, helping them to find new ways to prevent it, diagnose it, and treat it. £15 a month (£180 per year) pays for a monthly bereavement counselling group. So anyone who’s lost someone they love to cancer doesn’t have to go through it alone.

Q) Who can I contact if I need any further information?

A) We hope to have answered all your questions, but if there is anything else please call our payroll giving team on 029 2076 8850 or email us at

Q) Who can I contact if I need any further information?

A) We hope to have answered all your questions, but if there is anything else please call our payroll giving team on 029 2076 8850 or email us at